Savita: A Handpan Tribute (Single track)

by Jean-Matthieu's Handpan Music

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Video version of this track:

My handpan journey has led me to meet many amazing people sharing the same passion. I feel that I've created deep relationships with like-minded folks around the world exploring this instrument and questing for the beautiful sounds of the handpan. Among those people is Dipak, a sensible being, passionate about sound and great friend. Unfortunately, Dipak suddenly lost his mom recently and he could not accompany her in the last moments due to Covid lockdown. As a tribute, I composed this handpan piece for your mom, Dipak. I hope it will help heal. Let the music flow. Rest In Peace Savita.

Scale: F Minor 9
Notes: (F) Ab Bb C Db Eb F G Ab C
Instrument: SPB Pantam (built in 2014)

Played and Recorded by Jean-Matthieu Bourgeot
Mixed and Mastered by Jean-Matthieu Bourgeot


released May 7, 2020


all rights reserved


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