This One Is For Roman (Single track)

by Jean-Matthieu's Handpan Music



Roman, this song is for you!
I really wanted to record something coming from the heart and dedicate it to Roman, the builder of this magnificent instrument. I cannot hit steel with hammers but I can make attempts to hit it with my heart and fingers. This is to express my gratitude. All the best!
Instrument: OMana (HP) Aegean (built in 2016 by Roman Reva)
Scale: (C) E G B C E F# G B [E]
Recorded with a pair of Oktava MK-012 plugged into a Zoom H4N

Video version of this track:


released December 25, 2016
Played and Recorded by Jean-Matthieu Bourgeot
Mixed and Mastered by Thomas Ben Tov


all rights reserved


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